Size and Weight Permits Division

New OkiePROS Features 11/21/2013

  • Customers now have the ability to duplicate the route when duplicating a permit.
  • Permit documents have improved readability and security.
  • New search options and improved search results.
  • Added pagination and scrolling to lists of permit applications.
  • Customers have the ability to store and retrieve information about trucks and trailers. (See "Fleet Manager" on the Management tab.)
  • Customers can now log into Route Planner directly Click Here.

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Operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle or Operating as a For-Hire or as a Private Motor Carrier in and/or Through the state of Oklahoma

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Increase in Auto-Approval Heights For Some Permits

DPS is pleased to announce that effective 7/22/2013, there was an increase in auto-approval for Mobile Office, Modular Home and General permits to 15'

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OkiePros Online Permit System

You can now access our fully automated system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Apply for a permit
  • Check the status of a permit application
  • Manage your company profile
  • Ability to define your own route

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OkiePros Online Permit System

Recommended browsers for online permit system

  • Firefox 3.0 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9
  • Safari 3 or higher
  • Google Chrome

Permit Types and Configurations

For more information on Permit Types and Configurations, Click Here

Do I Need An OHP Escort?

Do you have questions regarding the Oklahoma Highway Patrol policy and procedure for escorting OS / OW loads? Click the image below for the quick reference guide used by Troop S, Size and Weight Enforcement.

Escort Sign

Permit Restrictions

Extreme caution in the operation of permitted vehicles and loads shall be exercised during hazardous conditions, including but not limited to snow, ice, sleet, fog, mist, rain, dust, smoke, excessive wind, or any weather, traffic, or road condition which would adversely affect traction or braking capabilities. When conditions become dangerous, the company or the operator shall discontinue operations, and operations shall not resume until the vehicle and load can be moved with reasonable safety. The state may restrict or prohibit operations during periods, when, in the state's judgment, weather, traffic, road, or other conditions exist which make operations unsafe or inadvisable.

Application Methods

The Size and Weight Permits Division permit offices are staffed by civilian personnel who issue permits for the legal transportation of oversize and overweight cargos on state roads and highways. Permit application may be made through any permit office.

Application Methods

If you apply: Your permit will be issued:
OkiePros Online Permit System By Email or Fax
In Person

Main Office:

2401 NW 23 St, Suite 45
Oklahoma City, OK 73107-2431

Field Offices:

Elk City
11097 N 1970 Rd.
Elk City, Ok 73644

OHP HQ - 5725 W Garriott Rd
Enid, Ok 73159

9191 E Skelly Dr
Tulsa, Ok 74129

2411 Williams Ave, Ste 112
Woodward, Ok 73802

Hours of Operation

Main Office:
7:00am to 5:30pm
Monday thru Friday
(excluding holidays)

Field Offices:

8:00am thru 4:15pm
Monday thru Friday
(excluding holidays)

By Phone:
8:00am thru 4:30pm
Monday thru Friday
(excluding holidays)

*Field offices are closed from 12:00pm to 1:00pm daily*
By phone (toll free)

or 405-425-7012
By Fax or Email

Click here for a list of Oklahoma State Holidays

Help Line - 405-522-9060