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The 62nd Oklahoma Highway Patrol Academy

The 62nd Oklahoma Highway Patrol Academy

Academy Life

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol academy is very structured, consistent with the para-military organization of the Patrol. During academy training, cadets will be challenged academically, physically, and mentally. A typical day begins with physical training, drill and ceremony, and inspections, prior to the classroom instruction. The evening hours are used for course studies, assignment completions, practical exercises, and preparation for the following day. The workdays for cadets vary from 12 to 18 hours. Cadets going into an academy are strongly encouraged to be in top physical condition. This will assist them in achieving the success of completion.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol academy is 20 weeks in length. Cadets reside at the academy, located at the Robert R. Lester Training Center, 3600 N. Martin Luther King Blvd. in Oklahoma City, for the duration of the academy.

First Day

Flag Detail

2 February

PT - 7 February

3rd Deck - 7 February

Accident Training - 13 February

Shotgun Class - 15 February

PT - 15 February

PT Run- 15 February

Flag Detail - 15 February

First Inspection - 15 February

Second Inspection - 15 February

Families Waiting For Cadets - 15 February

First Liberty - 15 February

Crimescene Setup - 24 February

Black And Gold - 27 February

Warm Up - 27 February

Fight Night - 27 February

Bomb Range - 17 March

Wet School - 27 March

OSBI - 5 March

Burns Flat Crash Scenario - 3 April

Veterans Night - 3 April

Defensive Tactics - 17 April

Burns Flat Shotgun Training - 1 May

Defensive Tactics Week 2 - 6 May

OC Spray - 7 May

LETD - 21 April

Rifle Range - 23 May