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Oklahoma Highway Patrol Marine Enforcement Section

OHP - Troop W

The marine law enforcement branch of the department provides service to 38 state lakes and recreation areas consisting of 4,385 miles of shoreline and 490,215 surface acres of water. In addition to regular water patrol duties, troopers are called upon to conduct search and rescue missions, investigate boating accidents and drowning incidents and assist state and local authorities in natural disaster situations where their expertise is needed.

Patrol Operations

Patrol operations are carried out by troopers who are assigned to 5 geographical districts around the state. Each district is managed by a supervisor and the patrol commander works out of headquarters located in Oklahoma City. Patrol equipment includes 4x4 patrol vehicles, patrol boats, search and rescue boats and related equipment.

Special Operations

Special operations, including marine theft investigations, training and safety education and boating law administration is administered out of the Oklahoma City area office.

Boating Safety Manual

You can view the "Boat Oklahoma Pocket Manual" as either:

Boating Safety Education

Troop W offers a six (6) hour "Boat Oklahoma" course along with short water and boating safety seminars and programs to both schools and civic groups. The six-hour course is available for both schools and other groups. Both the U.S. Power Squadron and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxilary offer boating and water safety courses throughout the year.
Those organizations can be contacted through the following web addresses.

Additional information about Boating Safety Education requirements, course schedules and how to get a replacement Boating Education Card can be found at www.okboated.com orcall 405-522-1880 or by email.

Marine Theft Prevention and Investigation

The Marine Theft Unit of Troop W consists of full-time investigators who investigate boat theft and titling and registration fraud. In addition to those investigations, boats and outboard motors without hull identification numbers (HIN) and those coming into the state from another state or country are inspected and issued serial numbers or hull identification numbers (HIN), if necessary, before they are titled and registered.

For additional information about Marine Theft Prevention and Investigation, Vessel Hull Identification or HIN verification and assignment, call 405-522-1875 or by email.

Boating Law Administration

The Boating Law Administrator is responsible for ensuring state boating and water safety laws are current and in compliance with federal regulations and other standards.

For additional information about Boating Law Administration, contact Lieutenant Mark Brown at 405-522-1877 or by email.

Courtesy Vessel Safety Inspection

Troop W Troopers conduct free vessel safety inspections to help ensure your vessel is properly equipped and safe. Contact a Trooper in the lake area to check you boat before you launch or on the water after you have launched and ask, for the inspection.

For any information regarding the OHP Marine Enforcement Section, please contact:
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