Technology Expedites Permit Process at DPS - April 2012

A state-of-the-art automated oversize/overweight permit system used at the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety's Size and Weight Permit Division has aided in streamlining issuance of permits and improved customer service to the trucking industry.

The automated system, known as the Oklahoma Permitting and Routing Optimization System or "OkiePROS" for short, was placed into service in November of 2011, and developed in a joint venture between the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Department of Public Safety (DPS). "The project, which took about 20 months to develop and put into place, has already proven itself as evidenced by the fact that 30% of the permits being issued now are automated," said Larry Punneo, Director of the Size and Weight Permit Division.

While permits have been issued by DPS since 1949, issuance has increased from just over 110,000 in 1973 to more than 215,000 in 2011. Prior to OkiePROS, and with the exception of certain annual permits, every other permit went through a hands-on review before being issued. This antiquated process was a slow and cumbersome procedure which resulted in a less efficient service and high numbers of customer complaints.

Planning and development of OkiePROS included input from trucking industry officials in hopes of developing a system that would meet everyone's needs. "OkiePROS has allowed trucking companies to schedule their routes with time constraints that couldn't happen before this system went into effect. It has allowed us to do our jobs more efficiently with a lot more confidence in the routing system," said Dan Case, Executive Director with the Oklahoma Trucking Association.

Permit data for April 2012 reflect that of 990 permits issued through April 23, 356 were processed through OkiePROS, requiring no employee involvement and were delivered straight to the customer electronically. This is a simple process for customers who have access to a computer. Customer profiles can be set up with the DPS permit office with basic company information and they can receive permits online in just a matter of minutes.

"This technology better serves Oklahoma's trucking industry which is required to have permits when moving loads on Interstate, State and U.S. Highways that are overweight, oversized or both. There are only two states in the nation that are using systems as sophisticated as OkiePROS; Oklahoma and Texas, both of which were developed and online within a few months of each other," said Jay Adams, ODOT Director for Tribal Coordination, and OkiePROS project manager.

While the DPS Size and Weight Permit office operates from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, OkiePROS customers will be able to access permits 24/7.

The OkiePROS budget was $2.4 million with an additional $900,000 for production, and testing of system hardware and security systems.

The DPS Size and Weight Permit Office can be reached by any of the following methods: