Monthly Fatility Report - June 2011

Department of Public Safety officials report an decrease in traffic fatalities for the month of June 2011. Fatalities were down by fourteen in June with a total of 56 compared to 70 in the same month last year.

There were 11 motorcyclist and two pedestrians who died in crashes during June. The highest daily fatality numbers include 20 deaths on Saturdays, dropping to nine on Sundays. There were five deathless days in the month of June.

Seven of the fatality crashes were alcohol-related, in the opinion of the investigating state, county or municipal officer. Forty-nine fatality victims were Oklahoma residents and seven were non-residents. There were 38 male and 18 female victims.

The leading number of fatalities by age group were 20 fatalities in the 20 and under as well as the 21-30 year olds dropping to, eight in the 41-to 50 year-olds. McIntosh County led the state in fatalities with a fatality count of seven, followed by Oklahoma County with six fatalities each. The highest number of fatality crashes were on State Highways with 18. There were 11 fatalities on US Highways.

Sixty-seven percent of those who died in traffic collisions were not wearing safety belts at the time of the crash, according to DPS statistics.

Year to date fatalities through July 27, 2011 - - - 350
Year to date fatalities through July 27, 2010 - - - 364