Public safety officials sweep Route 66 to save lives

45 Law Enforcement Agencies will saturate Rt 66 from Texas to Arkansas tomorrow in an effort to get motorists to buckle up. The special enforcement campaign tagged as "Get your Clicks on Rt 66" will commence at midnight on Thursday, March 3rd, and conclude at midnight on Friday, March 4th. The special emphasis campaign will include State Troopers, County Deputies, Police, and Tribal Officers from agencies along old historic Rt 66 highway.

"Although we had a very significant reduction in state-wide fatalities last year, coupled with an 85% compliance rate for safety belts... Its not time to let up on our enforcement efforts," said OHP Lieutenant Garret Vowell, the state's Occupant Protection Coordinator.

Over the past few years state-wide fatalities have routinely dropped with increases in safety-belt compliance.

"We (law enforcement) have seen the results of our educational & enforcement campaigns and are dedicated to continue doing our part to make Oklahoma roads the safest in the country," said Vowell.

For additional information contact Lieutenant Vowell at 405-820-7452.