Troopers Arrest YouTube Speeder

On Monday, December 20, troopers with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol arrested an Oklahoma City man for driving his Chevy Corvette at speeds in excess of 190 mph on the Kilpatrick Turnpike.

Dee Albert (Cody) Replogle was arrested on Monday after the patrol received an email complaint about a YouTube video of an individual driving his super-charged Corvette recklessly and at extremely high speeds in and around the Edmond and Oklahoma City area.

After viewing the videos posted on YouTube, Colonel Van Guillotte, chief of the patrol, decided to have the OHP’s investigations division see if they could locate the individual. "I was extremely concerned with Mr. Replogle’s reckless driving and thought the YouTube posts might encourage others to do the same thing in order to garner attention; and our roadways are absolutely no place for this type of dangerous driving behavior or stunts," said Guillotte.

Troopers were able to track Replogle down and obtain statements indicating that he was the owner, driver and personally responsible for the YouTube posts. The Oklahoma County district attorney’s office was equally as concerned and aided in obtaining arrest warrants for Replogle.

Replogle was picked up and booked into the Oklahoma County jail on Monday night on 2 counts of reckless driving.