DPS Offers Driver License Renewal Notices by E-mail

Do you need a reminder when your driver license is about to expire? The Department of Public Safety has implemented a free e-mail renewal notification system for Oklahomans holding driver licenses and identification cards.

"The desire to have the Department mail out renewal notices comes up almost every year during the legislative session," said David Beatty, Legislative and Special Projects Manager for the Department. "But to mail them includes a significant cost factor that can not be ignored."

Driver privacy mandates in federal and state law would require a renewal notice to be sent by first class mail, Beatty explained. The combined costs of envelopes, printed notice, and postage along with personnel to process the renewal notices would cost the Department at least $400,000 annually.

"When looking at other mailings the Department does, we estimate that up to 50% of these renewal notices could be returned because of an old address on file at the Department, even though state law requires licensees and card holders to notify the Department within 10 days of an address change," Beatty said. "All of that wasted postage is not an effective expenditure of taxpayer dollars."

Even though people move, changing their residence or mailing addresses, most people keep the same e-mail address. "Unless you choose an e-mail provider that has extremely limited service geographically, an e-mail address can follow you almost anywhere," Beatty said. "A quick e-mail reminder is going to be the most effective and cost-efficient way to jog someone's memory to go renew a driver license or identification card. And with a lean budget year for all state agencies, a method of doing that without any costs attached is even better."

Once a licensee or card holder signs up, a renewal notice will be sent to the e-mail address 45 days prior to the expiration date provided. "If your e-mail address changes, just sign-up again," Beatty said. "If we get a bounce or an error on an e-mail, that e-mail address will not receive any further notifications."

Any Oklahoma resident with a driver license or an identification card can sign-up for the e-mail notification at the Department's website: www.dps.state.ok.us