Renewing Expired Driver License Becomes Easier

Department of Public Safety officials announce that, beginning February 11, the process of renewing an expired driver license will become easier for citizens with certified birth certificates.

"In an effort to better serve the public, we are making the procedure more efficient and less time-consuming," said Commissioner of Public Safety Kevin Ward.

Currently, any person renewing an expired license is required to verify legal presence in the United States with a driver license examiner. After approval by the examiner, the person goes to a tag agency to obtain a renewal driver license.

This process is about to change for citizens with certified birth certificate.

On February 11, some Oklahoma tag agents will be able to renew expired licenses for citizens who present a certified birth certificate.

"If you are a citizen with a certified birth certificate, you will not necessarily be required to see a driver license examiner if your local tag agent has chosen to participate in this new procedure. You will be able to go directly to that tag agent to get your license renewed," said Ward.

Ward emphasizes that the same legal documents are still required in order to obtain a driver license.

"That requirement has not changed," said Ward. "You will still need to present two forms of identification, a primary and secondary document."

All documents must be original or certified copies so their authenticity may be verified. A complete listing of all acceptable documents is posted on the DPS Web site at /dls/pub/DOCS.pdf.

"We are here to serve the public, and the public has voiced concerns with the current process," said Ward. "That process is changing to accommodate the needs of the citizens without compromising security."