DUI Enforcement Stepped Up

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol announced today that it will be stepping up DUI enforcement throughout the state for the next ten days. Troopers will work between 100 and 120 extra shifts from June 30 through July 8. This aggressive enforcement effort will include the July 4th holiday, which is one of the top three holidays we make DUI arrests. The other two are New Year's Eve and Memorial Day weekend.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has "zero tolerance" for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including prescription drugs. So far this year, 63 people have been killed on our roads because someone chose to get behind the wheel after drinking or using drugs. That's 63 senseless deaths that could have been easily avoided. Last year, 23% of crashes during the 4th of July holiday period were alcohol or drug-related.

"We want to get intoxicated drivers off our roads before they kill someone," said Captain Chris West, spokesperson for OHP. "The Oklahoma Highway Patrol does not issue warnings for alcohol or drug related offenses. If you are stopped for DUI, your vehicle will be impounded, you will go to jail, and your driving privileges will be revoked," said Captain West.

:During last month's 'Click It or Ticket' campaign, OHP issued 2698 seat belt citations and zero warnings. We are hopeful that during this holiday, citations for safety belts will be down. It only takes a few seconds to buckle up, and these few seconds may save your life. The worst part of a Trooper's job is notifying family members that their loved one has been killed in a traffic crash. Extra Troopers will be out in full force, so if you decide to drive hammered, we'll nail ya,' said West. "Designate a driver, call a cab, or better yet, just stay home. We don't want to deliver the most devastating news possible to another family. That family could be yours."

Excessive rainfall over the past several weeks has left our lakes and rivers or near flood levels, making boating and other water sports extremely dangerous. Seven people have drowned this month alone, so please be sure your children wear life preservers. Many of our citizens will enjoy boating and other water sports over the holiday. "Consuming alcohol before driving any type of water craft is just as dangerous as drinking and driving a car, and carries the same penalties," Captain West said.

OHP will also be participating in Operation C.A.R.E.(Combined Accident Reduction Effort)- a nationwide campaign by state police agencies to reduce fatalities during holiday periods.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol wishes everyone an enjoyable, safe holiday.