New Federal Guidelines on Driver Licenses

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety announces new Federal guidelines that change the application process to obtain an Oklahoma driver license. Newly implemented regulations from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration require all states issuing an initial, renewal or replacement driver license to perform a national driver status check on each and every individual before issuance. This status check notifies the tag agent or Driver License Examiner if there are any possible suspensions or revocations on a personís traffic record in any other state. Any problems found must be cleared with the reporting state before issuance of a new, renewal or replacement driver license in Oklahoma.

According to Karen Gentry, Director of Driver License Testing with the Department of Public Safety, the regulations were brought about because individuals who had been revoked or suspended in their state have been able to obtain driver licenses when moving to other states. "This will really benefit the citizens of Oklahoma by ensuring that motorists are valid operators, of motor vehicles on the roadway. Those individuals applying to a tag agent for renewal or replacement will be directed to a driver license examining site if a problem is encountered with their driving record in another state." said Gentry.