Your number is up!

We're not talking the lottery but your driver license number. The number of characters is about to go up, increasing from nine to ten.

Beginning January 1, 2007, state law requires Oklahoma driver license numbers to be alpha-numeric.

"The new driver license number - or identifier, as the law calls it - should not disrupt any business practices in the public or private sector," said David Beatty, Legislative and Special Projects Manager for the Department of Public Safety. "A letter will be added to the beginning of the current driver license number. The Department will maintain a cross reference to the old nine-digit number."

The prefix letter will be computer-generated based upon certain information provided by the license holder. In this way, it will serve as a check against fraudulent driver license numbers. Once generated, the letter will become a permanent part of the driver license number.

The Department will phase-in the new numbers over the next four years as existing driver licenses are renewed or replaced. Licenses for new Oklahoma drivers will automatically be issued with the new ten-character number beginning January 1, 2007.