Operation Synergy

Motorists who travel Turner and Kilpatrick Turnpikes this Memorial Day Weekend will have an opportunity to see Synergy in action. Synergy by definition is the interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol will initiate "Operation Synergy" this weekend. The goal of the operation is to utilize personnel to give troopers the most coverage possible on both Turnpikes. "When drivers see Troopers they tend to slow down and pay closer attention to their actions," said Captain Don Stockton, Troop Commander over Turner and Kilpatrick Turnpikes. "Motorists are going to have the opportunity to be reminded a lot this weekend. This is a high visibility campaign and we are going to give the motoring public a chance to see us in action,"

Troopers will concentrate their efforts on speed as well as other offenses. "Offenses like following too closely, unsafe lane changes, defective equipment, and impaired drivers are all contributors to accidents. It's going to take teamwork and aggressive enforcement to stop those drivers who put travelers at risk with their unsafe driving habits," said Stockton.

If you don't see a Trooper every 5 to 8 miles, then look up. Troopers from the Aircraft Division will be assisting with speed enforcement from the air. "Speed is our number one cause of fatality collisions and we want to ensure a safe weekend of travel for those motorists traveling Turner and Kilpatrick Turnpikes so they can enjoy the holiday when they reach their destinations," Stockton said.