Change of Address

State Law requires notification of change of address.

Department of Public Safety officials are reminding Oklahomans who possess a driver license or identification card that they are required to make notification in writing to the department within 10 days upon the event of a change in mailing address, county of residence, or name. Mail a letter requesting your information be updated to DPS Driver License Services, PO Box 11415, Oklahoma City, OK 73136. Be sure to include your name, date of birth, driver license number and/or identification card number, and the information to be changed: both old and new addresses, both old and new counties of residence, or both old and new names.

State law does not require you to obtain a replacement license when you change this information. However, if you want to update your license or identification card with your current information, this may be done at most tag agencies or the DPS offices at 3600 North Martin Luther King Avenue in Oklahoma City. The cost is $10 for a replacement license or ID card.