C.R.A.S.H. Press release

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol will be starting a new project to make the Turner Turnpike safer. Project C.R.A.S.H. (Collision Reduction And Safer Highways) will begin April 18, 2005 and continue through the middle of June.

Operation C.R.A.S.H. will focus on unsafe speed, unsafe lane changes, unsafe vehicles, and driver inattention. "These are the main causes of collisions on the Turner Turnpike and we are going to do something about it," said 1st Lieutenant Don Stockton.

In 2004 there was in increase in fatalities on Interstate 44 between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. "We had 10 more fatalities on our turnpikes than last year and most if not all of them could have been prevented," Stockton said. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol will deploy special enforcement teams in phases and concentrate it's efforts on the collision causing offenses.

The Oklahoma Transportation Authority advised that routine maintenance and improvements will coincide with the project. 1LT Stockon stated, "With better weather there will be additional construction zones on the turnpikes" Motorist should be aware that traffic fines double in construction zones. The Transportation Authority and the Highway Patrol will implement the project in phases that involve education, enforcement, and engineering.

"We are going to use all of our personnel and all of our resources to reduce collisions on the highways. This is a concentrated effort and the public must understand that tolerance is not an option when lives are at stake," Stockton said.