Memorial Highway Dedication Set

Officials of the Department of Public Safety and Oklahoma City Police Department are announcing August 24, 2004 as the official date for the Trooper Matt Evans and Officer Jeff Rominger Memorial Highway Dedication.

The portion of Interstate 40 beginning at I-44, Amarillo Junction, and extending to I-35, Dallas Junction, will be dedicated to Trooper Matt Evans and Officer Jeff Rominger for their dedication and service.

"Both agencies are very pleased that the Department of Transportation has worked so diligently to ensure the permanent markers were designed and completed for this portion of I-40," stated OHP Lieutenant Brandon Kopepasah. "Officer Jeff Rominger and Trooper Matt Evans were outstanding officers and were a great asset to the law enforcement community. We are deeply saddened for the loss, but proud that they will forever be memorialized in our state."

"Trooper Matt Evans and Officer Jeff Rominger dedicated their lives to protecting the safety of others. They were outstanding citizens and this memorial highway pays tribute to their efforts in the law enforcement community as well as to their lives as role models," said Lt. Kopepasah.

The dedication of the Trooper Matt Evans and Officer Jeff Rominger portion of Interstate 40 will be held at 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, August 24, at the Capitol Hill Assembly of God Church located at 2400 SW 74th, just east of Troop A Headquarters, in Oklahoma City.

The public is invited to attend.