Christmas Holiday fatalities

Five people died during the Christmas holiday last year, December 23, 2001 through December 25, 2001.

"That number is down from 2000 with a total of eight." said First Lieutenant Chris West. "Although we continue to experience an increase in the number of fatalities for the year.

One of last year's 5 fatalities was due to unsafe speed, three of the victims were not wearing safety belts and one of the traffic crashes was alcohol-related.

"Just like during the Thanksgiving holiday, we anticipate an increase in the number of travellers on Oklahoma's roads. With the inclement weather approaching, people need to exercise extreme caution and patience. Allow extra space between you and the other vehicles, also allow extra driving time." said Lieutenant West.

State troopers will watching for travellers not wearing their safety belts and driving too fast for conditions.

"We continue to urge people to take a few seconds to buckle up," said West. "Three of last year's victims were not wearing safety belts and it's a tragedy they didn't take this precaution. It could have saved their life."