Potential al-Qaida Threats

Potential al-Qaida Threats to Economic Targets in the United States and Abroad

Oklahoma Homeland Security Director Bob A. Ricks has today issued a notification to key industry sectors of additional terrorism-related information. Ricks also wants the public to be aware of this information. "The citizens of Oklahoma are our eyes and ears in the war on terrorism," said Ricks. "We ask that they be especially vigilant in their observations, and be on the look out for suspicious activity."

At this time the Homeland Security Alert Advisory System remains at yellow due to the lack of specificity of method, location, and timing.

The notification addressed information gathered from U.S. Intelligence sources; specifically that events since early October 2002 appear to indicate heightened operational intensity on the part of al-Qaida and loosely affiliated terrorist organizations. The U.S. intelligence community continues to assess that al-Qaida plans to attack targets which they believe would be readily recognized as representing U.S. economic interests. Concerns include that al-Qaida is targeting the U.S. railway sector and that attacks, such as the attack of the French oil tanker off the coast of Yemen, may be a part of more extensive operations against other energy-related targets.

The U.S. intelligence community continues to receive general threat reporting on such sectors as financial institutions and other market-related facilities, the airline and maritime industries, and government facilities and installations.

Ricks encouraged individuals to report information concerning suspicious activity to the Oklahoma City FBI Office at 405-290-7770 or to local law enforcement.