Heightened state of alert

Department of Public Safety officials met with representatives of the governor's office and Homeland Security in response to concerns of the nation's heightened state of alert.

"In addition to stepped up security measures already implemented in our state, we are addressing the nation's awareness concerns," said Deputy Director Kerry Pettingill, Homeland Security. "Anytime an alert is issued at a federal level, it is our responsibility to respond at a state level."

Pettingill stresses that although the nation is at a high state of alert, this shouldn't cause widespread panic.

"We anticipated the just-cause significance of the September 11 anniversary," said Pettingill. "This is not a time for panic but a time for concern. Do the things you normally do."

Pettingill said that state agencies will conduct business as usual.

"You may encounter some delays due to the security process, but just be patient," said Pettingill. "Continue to be vigilant and patient with law enforcement's efforts to provide safety and security."

If suspicious activity is observed, citizens are encouraged to call local law enforcement or the FBI at 405-290-7770.