Highway patrol seeking applicants for 2001 Academy

The Department of Public Safety is currently accepting applications for the positions of 72 cadets for the 54th Oklahoma Highway Patrol Academy.

"We are just weeks into the 53rd academy and are actively recruiting for the next one," said First Lieutenant Mike Thompson, commander of training.

Thompson said that the 2001 academy was structured that cadets who did not possess a current police certification through the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training program began the course four weeks prior to the academy start date.

"We made the alteration to accommodate all of our cadets," said Thompson. "Many of them are already CLEET certified police officers and this curriculum change eliminated redundant academy training."

Cadets who are not certified will receive the basic CLEET academic instruction beginning May 29, 2002, four weeks prior to next year's academy start date. Upon receiving their CLEET certification, the cadets will then join the remaining group of cadets for the 54th academy start date on June 28, 2002.

Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and not older than 37 by the June 28, 2002 start date. Requirements include an associate's degree or a minimum of 62 successfully completed semester hours from an accredited college or university.

The applicant is required to complete a state of Oklahoma employment application and to submit a certified birth certificate, a military DD-214 form, veteran's preference form and/or CLEET certificate if applicable, and a certified college transcript declaring an associate's degree or the required 62 semester hours.

"These are just the initial requirements. Once this information is received, then the applicant is required to successfully complete a written exam, pass a physical agility test and appear before an oral interview board," said Thompson. "The applicant must pass each phase of testing before proceeding to the next one."

The duties of a trooper include enforcing all traffic and criminal laws of Oklahoma, protecting lives and property on the state's roadways, investigating traffic collisions, and suppressing criminal and illicit drug activity. Specialized responsibilities include aircraft, training, criminal interdiction, motorcycle division, size and weights enforcement, executive security and lake patrol.

"Upon graduation from the academy, new troopers will report for duty to their assigned areas," said Thompson. "Over the last few years, the chief of the patrol has been able to assign almost 85 percent of the new troopers within the geographical areas they requested."

The application deadline is September 28 with testing to begin in October. For more information or to request an application packet, refer to the DPS web page at www.dps.state.ok.us or call the Academy Personnel Coordinator at (405) 425-2163.

You may also request information by sending your name and address via e-mail to ohpjobs@dps.state.ok.us. Submit all applications and required documents to the Academy Personnel Coordinator, Robert R. Lester Training Center, PO Box 11415, Oklahoma City, Ok., 73136-0415.