Ward/Fike receive lifesaving award October 2000

The assistant commissioner of the Department of Public Safety and an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper will be recipients of the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police Lifesaving Award at a ceremony on Tuesday, October 3 at the Robert R. Lester Training Center, 3600 North Martin Luther King Blvd. at 8:15 a.m.

Captain Kevin L. Ward and Trooper Pat Fike will be honored for their quick response and emergency lifesaving actions in two separate incidents.

On February 24 while off duty at the downtown Oklahoma City YMCA location, Ward became aware of a man who had fallen unconscious. Ward established the man had no pulse and began a two-person cardiopulmonary resuscitation. He continued to administer this lifesaving effort until the arrival of emergency medical services. The attending medical personnel said the man would have died without the immediate response rendered by Ward.

"Captain Ward's decisive and effective actions reflects a great credit not only upon himself and to the highway patrol, but to the entire Oklahoma law enforcement community," said Second Lieutenant Chris West, OHP.

Fike, a trooper assigned to the OHP Guymon detachment, was also off duty and attending a basketball game in Buffalo when he saved the life of a fan. Fike was alerted to the fact that a man was turning blue in color and appeared to be suffering a heart attack. Fike initiated CPR, and again, medical personnel credited him for saving the man's life.

Ward is a 15-year veteran of the highway patrol and Fike has served since 1992.