Cadet Lawman Academy

Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers will host 137 students from across the state for the 27th Annual Cadet Lawman Academy.

The students will attend the academy as cadets, and they will learn what troopers experience as cadets in the OHP academy, to a lesser degree.

"This is a wonderful hands-on opportunity for students to become familiar with what it's like to be a trooper," said First Lieutenant Stewart Meyer, commandant of the academy. "This academy is one of the agency's best ways to build an interactive, positive relationship with Oklahoma's youth while educating them."

The cadets are sectioned into six platoons. They are encouraged to work as a team, competing with the other platoons. Each morning at 5:45 a.m., the cadets participate in calisthenics, chores and flag ceremonies before they eat breakfast.

Throughout the week, they will learn firearms safety and instruction, visit the Oklahoma State Reformatory in Granite and the Altus Air Force Base. They will ride in OHP aircraft and learn how troopers patrol traffic from the air. Troopers will instruct them on law enforcement driver training, teaching them various skill maneuvers. The Department of Public Safety's Lake Patrol Section will provide courses on boat and water safety, and the OHP bomb squad will present a demonstration with their canines.

"Many of these cadets will pursue law enforcement careers which is so gratifying to hear. But even if they don't, we hope to earn their respect for the work we do as troopers for the state of Oklahoma," said Meyer.

The cadets' friends and families will join them at week's end in a graduation ceremony where they are able to show off their skills acquired during the week.

"This is always the highlight of the academy. These kids work diligently to master their new skills, and it shows during the graduation ceremony," said Meyer. "We are very proud of this program and are anticipating another successful year."

The project is cosponsored by the Oklahoma Elks Major Projects and the Oklahoma State Troopers Association and is conducted at the Clinton Sherman Air Base.