Cadet Lawman Academy

High school students from across the state are about to find out what it takes to be an Oklahoma state trooper.

Department of Public Safety officials will welcome 131 cadets to the 26th Annual Cadet Lawman Academy in Burns Flat on Sunday, June 6. The week-long academy will give 78 boys and 53 girls the opportunity to experience the job duties of the largest state law enforcement agency.

"This academy is one of the agency's best ways to build an interactive, positive relationship between the participants and our troopers," said First Lieutenant Stewart Meyer. "It's total hands on."

Registration for the academy is Sunday, and the cadets are divided into six platoons. Once assigned to platoons, they will be encouraged to work as a team and compete with other platoons.

At 5:45 a.m. each morning, the cadets participate in calisthenics, followed by chores, flag ceremonies and breakfast.

"After breakfast, the day is loaded with activities. The cadets will participate in driver training, aircraft flight, firearms training, lake patrol boat procedures and a prison tour to name a few," said Meyer. "They also have sports competition every evening."

The project is cosponsored by the Oklahoma Elks Major Projects and the Oklahoma State Troopers Association, and is conducted at the Clinton Sherman Air Base.

"Many of today's state troopers participated in the academy as cadets. We are very proud of this program and are anticipating another successful year," said Meyer.