Fees for a Learner Permit Driver License

The Examiner will advise you of the fees due when you have passed all required tests. All fees are paid to the tag agency when the license is issued.

Application Fee: The fee for applying for a Learners Permit is $4.00.

Retest Fee: Charged any time the applicant fails a test. For example, if the applicant fails the written test on Monday, they will pay $4.00. If the applicant tries again the next Monday and fails, they will pay another $4.00. The applicant passes on the next attempt. The total fail fees are $8.00. Retest fees are included in the total fees charged and paid at the tag agency.

License Fee: The License fee is $33.50.

For example, if the applicant passes the written test on the first attempt, the total fee paid at the tag agency would be $37.50. If the applicant had failed the written test twice before passing, the total would be $45.50.