Driver Licenses and ID Cards

The Altus DL Exam will process originals, renewals, replacements, transfers, written tests, medical card updates in the AM and will conduct skills tests in the PM by appointment only June 8 - 19, 2015

The Clinton DL Exam will process originals, renewals, replacements, transfers, written tests, medical card updates in the AM and will conduct skills tests in the PM by appointment only June 9, 2015

The Chickasha DL Exam will process originals, renewals, replacements, transfers, written tests, medical card updates in the AM and will conduct skills tests in the PM by appointment only until further notice.

Medical Self-Certification

Effective January 30, 2012, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) will be adding your medical certification status and the information on your medical examiner's certificate to your Commercial Driver's License System (CDLIS) record.
  • Effective July 1, 2011, the Driver License Examining Division will begin scoring the parallel park maneuver on the driving test.
  • Effective July 15, 2011, individuals applying for a permit who are enrolled in parent taught driver education will be required to provide both the approved affidavit from DPS and the purchase receipt from the chosen approved provider.

Temporary Extension for Downgraded CDL Drivers

Oklahoma City- The Department of Public Safety announced today they will begin to implement a temporary extension for CDL holders who have been downgraded due to failure to timely submit an updated medical examiner certificate or complete a self-certification form. The temporary extension will allow applicants to have the downgrade of their CDL removed while giving them until December 31, 2014 to successfully complete all required examinations for their specific class of license.This temporary extension does not waive any applicable fees or any requirements necessary to be issued a new license or maintain a current CDL.

DPS Commissioner Michael C. Thompson stated that he "deeply appreciated the efforts by the personnel assigned to the CDL division who identified an alternative to allow effected CDL drivers more time to comply with the federal requirement."

Governor Mary Fallin thanked the department and Commissioner Michael Thompson for quickly addressing the situation.

"CDL holders are drivers who provide essential services to the state as well as to businesses," said Fallin. "I appreciate the efforts of Commissioner Thompson and his department to accommodate their needs and grant an extension while they work to submit their required paperwork."

Anyone affected by this may contact DPS Driver License Help Desk at (405) 425-2020 and will temporarily have their license upgraded to their previous CDL, (prior to the downgrade) once they provide a self-certification affidavit and/or medical card. If they self-certify as non-excepted interstate, they must also provide a current copy of their medical examiner's certificate.

The Process For Drivers To Follow

Persons that have had his or her CDL downgraded must call (405) 425-2020 or go to the Department of Public Safety's website at to obtain the Oklahoma Commercial Driver Licensee Medical Self-Citification Affidavit form and the Temporary CDL Medical Requirement Extension form. These forms must be completed in its entirety and returned to the Driver License Services Division via facsimile, (405) 419-2196 emailed to ; or presented in person to a Driver License Examiner. A complete copy, front and back, of the required documents must accompany the form.

If the individual does not have access to the above website, or would prefer to telephone the Department, they should call (405) 425-2020. Please keep in mind there are several thousand individuals that have been affected by this downgrade; therefore, it may be difficult in reaching the Department by telephone.

All forms received by facsimile or email will be processed as they are received. The license holder will be notified by telephone or email immediately upon the completion of the upgrade. The Department's goal is to process each upgrade by the close of business of the next business day.

The Forms You Will Need

Medical Self-Cert Affidavit
CDL Upgrade Form

Veteran Logo Is Now Available On Driver License

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety would like to remind Oklahoma veterans of the new "Veteran" logo that is available to be placed on the front of qualified veteran's Oklahoma driver license or state identification cards. "Oklahomans have a profound respect and admiration for the men and women who have bravely served our nation. The new veteran designation on state drivers' licenses is a small way in which we can honor their sacrifice and say "thank you" for their service to our state and our nation," Governor Mary Fallin

"We're pleased to announce that changes in the system, and card will allow Oklahoma veterans to identify themselves right on their license by choosing to have a special veteran's insignia added to the card," said DPS Commissioner and Secretary of Safety and Security, Mike Thompson, who also is a decorated Army soldier. "This option will be available after November 1, 2012 and was implemented as a manner in which to honor the men and women of Oklahoma who have served our country," Thompson said.

Retired General and Secretary of Military and Veteran Affairs, Rita Aragon, said that this will be of an advantage to military veterans who often do not have a Veterans Administration identification card because they do not have a disability. "Oklahoma veterans will now be able to present their Oklahoma driver license or state issued identification card that has the "Veteran" status on the front. Veterans can then present those cards to businesses that honor and provide discounts to military veterans," said Aragon. "This is a point of pride for veterans and Oklahoma's way of saying, "thank you for your service!" said Aragon.

Veterans who choose to have the "Veteran" status on their card will have to show proof of military service by providing their DD-214, 215, WWII discharge document, a US Department of Veterans Affairs photo ID card or an Oklahoma Army or Air National Guard NGB Form 22 when renewing or obtaining their identification card or driver license. Tag Agents With Veteran Photo

To book your appointment, visit

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety's to Release Phase II of online scheduling system.

It's all about the experience.

Phase II of the new online scheduling system called Inline Online is set to be implemented on Monday, October 7, 2013. With Phase II, applicants who are wanting to schedule an online appointment can now schedule for their Class D driving skills test along with other services such as the written learner permit test, CDL renewal and ID cards, etc. at field offices across the state. The new drive test schedule module will be tested at the Oklahoma City I-240 location for a short period of time before it will be made available at the other statewide locations.

This service also offers the opportunity to make appointments online or from their mobile device, while avoiding the inconvenience of standing in line. The online system uses industry-leading security, and only requires drivers to choose an appointment time at their location of choice and provide basic information, such as name, phone number, driver license number, email address.

For even greater flexibility, individuals will be able to choose a location, date and time when they would like to schedule an appointment. Another option is to search for the next available time for a road test. DPS has been working with OK.GOV for several months to implement this new module and are pleased to offer this service to the citizens of Oklahoma.

Inline Online is currently available at the following locations as a free pilot project. When fully deployed, there will be a nominal fee involved.

*Oklahoma City 728 East I-240 Service Road
Edmond 28 East Main
Norman 430 N Berry Rd
Tulsa Eastgate 14002 E. 21st St Suite A
Tulsa West 3190 W. 21st St S.
Broken Arrow 1635 S. Main


To book your appointment visit If you encounter issues when trying to book an online appoinment please call 405-425-2020.

Yukon Exam Site Closing

Department of Public Safety officials announce the closing of the Driver License Exam site in Yukon effective Monday, September 9, 2013.

"Due to the lack of restroom facilities, and the unsanitary conditions for the public and department employees, we have few options other than to close the Yukon location and look for a more suitable facility to serve the public," said DPS Commissioner Michael C. Thompson.

Effective 09/09/2013, the Yukon station will be closed indefinitely and DPS DL Examiners will be relocated to the Edmond and I-240 location until other suitable arrangements can be made.

Oklahoma City Driver License Testing Facility Moving to New Location

Department of Public Safety officials announce the opening of a new Driver License Testing location at 728 East Interstate 240 set for Monday, August 26, 2013. "We are excited about the new Driver License Testing site opening and look forward to serving the public at this new facility," said DPS Commissioner, Mike Thompson.

The new testing site is located east of the current Driver License Testing location on the east bound service road of I-240 at the old Bob Moore Ford dealership, just west of the I-240 and I-35 junction. Commissioner Thompson said, "I think the public will quickly realize that we have made the concerted effort to provide a more efficient, customer friendly environment. This is one of our many efforts to make the licensing process more efficient and less frustrating for the general public."

Applying for a Driver License/ID Card

Every applicant must furnish both primary and secondary documentary proofs of identity, proof of full legal name and birth date, and proof of legal presence in the United States when applying for an Oklahoma driver license or identification card. Read more »

Do I need a Commercial Driver License?

Driver License (Non-Commercial Driver License)

Driver License Testing

Renewing a Driver License?

If your license is not expired and you are a US citizen with a Class D Driver License you can go to any Motor License Agent (Tag Agent) and provided there are no issues they can renew your license. You can view a list of Motor License Agent locations here.

If you are in this country on Immigration Documents you must take the License along with your immigration documents to a Driver License Exam Site to initiate the renewal. A list of all Driver License Exam sites can be viewed here. Once the Driver License Examiner has processed you they will provide you with a form that is taken to a Motor License Agent and they will renew the license.

If you have a Commercial Driver License you must start at the Driver License Exam Site. Present the Driver License Examiner with the current license. If you are operating commercially in Interstate commerce you will also have to provide a current Medical Examiner Certificate. If you have a Hazardous Material Endorsement you will have to have a current TSA background check and be required to take the Hazardous Material written exam.

Fees for a License renewal may be found here.

If your license is expired for more than 1 year you will have to provide proof of legal presence unless you have provided this information since 11/01/2007. If you are eligible to go directly to a Motor License Agency you can take a state certified birth certificate to one of the approved locations listed here or if you are using documents other than a state certified birth certificate you must go to a Driver License Exam site and present your USPP, State Certified birth certificate or Immigration documents.

Learner Permit

Motorcycle Endorsement

Motorcycle License

Oklahoma State ID (Non-Driver)

Provisional or Graduated License

Transferring a Provisional or Graduated License from Another State

Teens Driving on the Job

"I am a teen who just got my license, and I want to drive on my job for my employer. Am I allowed to do that?"

Answer: Federal youth employment rules prohibit driving a motor vehicle on public roads in employment, except under certain very limited conditions.

Read additional information »

Driver Testing Facilities

Driver License Examining Offices will be closed on all State Holidays.

ATTENTION: Hours of operation may vary. Some exam sites are staffed with one examiner. Normally for those sites, written testing is done in the morning and scheduled drive tests are conducted in the afternoon. If the examiner is out of the office conducting a drive test, phone calls will not be answered. Calling ahead, preferably in the mornings, is recommended to ensure testing availability.

Effective Monday, August 15, 2011, the process to call in and schedule a drive test appointment by phone has been suspended for the following Driver License Exam Offices; Edmond, SW Oklahoma City, Norman, Yukon, Eastgate/Tulsa and W Tulsa. ALL drive tests will now be scheduled by walk-ins only.

Find a Driver License Exam Station close to you.

  • Hours Change
  • The Miami DL Exam site - Written Test 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, Class D Skills Test 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm.
  • The Vinita DL Exam site will be open on Mondays only.
  • Temporary Closings
  • There are no temporary closings at this time.
  • Oklahoma City Metro Area Driver Testing Facilities
    28 East Main Street
    Edmond, OK 73034
    (405) 341-4930
    Mon-Fri 7:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.

    430 N Berry Rd
    Norman, OK 73069
    (405) 364-9595
    Mon-Fri 7:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.

    728 East I-240 Service Road
    Oklahoma City, OK 73149
    (405) 681-5489
    Mon-Fri 7:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.

    Old Army Reserve Building
    1821 Airport Drive Shawnee, OK 74804
    (405) 273-8124
    Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.