About DPS

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Public Safety is to save lives and protect the public property by enforcing the laws of the State of Oklahoma. The Department also provides information programs to schools and organizations concerning drug abuse and traffic safety.

Our Duties and Responsibilities

The Department of Public Safety is charged with the responsibility of enforcing the laws relating to the operation and use of vehicles on the highways of the state, the examination of drivers applying for licenses, control of driver licenses and regulations, telecommunications, OLETS, Financial Responsibility, regulation and control of motor boats and vessels on lakes and waterways of Oklahoma, the responsibility for the personal security and protection of the Governor and the Governor's immediate family, the security and protection of the Governor's Mansion and grounds, and providing for accumulation and rapid retrieval of information on criminal and traffic laws offenders. The Department is organized into sections and sub-divisions to carry out these responsibilities.


Oklahoma Department of Public Safety
3600 North Martin Luther King Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111

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Business Hours

8am to 4:30pm
Monday through Friday
(except holidays)

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Phone: (405) 425-2424
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