Oklahoma Compulsory Insurance Verification System (OCIVS)

Announcement to Insurance Companies

February 8, 2008

47 O.S., Section 7-600.2, (commonly known as HB 3115) requires the Department of Public Safety to create an online insurance verification system in order to verify whether a vehicle is in compliance with Oklahoma's compulsory liability insurance law. Read more »

Insurance Company Information

All insurance companies that sell personal vehicle liability insurance policies for vehicles registered in Oklahoma are required to participate in the verification system. Vehicles covered by commercial policies are exempt from this requirement.

Please provide the following information to designate contact persons for implementation of theOklahoma Compulsory Insurance Verification System of the Department of Public Safety, State of Oklahoma.

OCIVS-Related Documents for Insurance Companies

OCIVS-Related Documents for Law Enforcement

OCIVS-Related Documents for Courts

For further information, please email ocivs@dps.state.ok.us