(Authority: 47 O.S. §6-212.2)

Under Oklahoma law, whenever the records of the Department of Public Safety reflect a conviction of a person for DUI or APC, or an alcohol or drug related revocation or suspension of the driving privileges of that person, the person shall participate in an Alcohol and Drug Assessment and Evaluation by an assessment agency or assessment personnel certified by the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services for the purpose of evaluating the person's receptivity to treatment and prognosis.

An Assessment is an interview with a certified alcohol and drug counselor which determines a person’s degree of dependence on alcohol or drugs. The Assessment Counselor makes recommendations and places requirements on the person as to corrective actions the person needs to take.

As determined by the assessment, the person shall enroll in, attend and successfully complete the appropriate alcohol and drug substance abuse course certified by the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services or an alcohol or other drug treatment program or both.

The Alcohol and Drug Substance Abuse Course (DUI school) shall consist of either ten (10) hours or twenty-four (24) hours of instruction addressing the dangers or alcohol and drug use in general and in relation to operating a motor vehicle. ( For information regarding the location of the schools and assessment counselors in your area call the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health at 1-800-522-9054. ) There are fees for the assessment and the course which are subject to change without notice.

Beyond having the alcohol and drug assessment and evaluation and successfully completing the 10 or 24 hour course on substance abuse , you must also have to complete all of the requirements noted by the assessment counselor. These are conditions of reinstatement. In some situations there may be additional requirements. When you apply for reinstatement, you must provide certificates of completion of the requirements to the Department of Public Safety.

You must additionally serve the period or term of the revocation where your driving privileges are withdrawn (unless a modified driver license is allowed), and pay the statutory fees required to reinstate. In some situations, as a condition of reinstatement, you may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on any vehicle you drive for an additional period of time.

Contact the Department of Public Safety to determine exactly what the requirements are for you. Understand that because another person was or was not required to meet a certain requirement does not mean the same applies to you. Often, the exact requirements or conditions for reinstatement as they apply to you are set forth on the Notice of Confirmation and Reinstatement Requirements mailed to you by the Department of Public Safety.

More information concerning these matters may be obtained by writing the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health, Substance Abuse Services, P.O. Box 53277, Oklahoma City, OK 73152.